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英文翻译:It has been 4 years since the first block that contained records of all transactions that have occurred on the network. Whats your opinions about the future of blockchain development?

兰蒂斯(答):Within 2-3 years, Blockchain will become "invisible technology" in the way we take for granted wireless connectivity and the Internet today. Within 5-7 years, Blockchain will be woven into how business is done across most industries and significantly (but not entirely) change the way we think about money and value exchange. Within 1-2 years, regulation and platform infrastructure will have caught up such that the Blockchain phenomenon will start to feel like other existing exchange institutitons. Although there will be some major disruptions in some industries, I do not personally believe that Blockchain will completely change value exchange, create true libertarian societies, etc. as some early idealists imagined. The gravitational forces that brought the Internet into mainstream life will affect Blockchain as well.




英文翻译:There has been frequent fluctuation of Bitcoin price, since Bitcoin was born, however, its price is still keep rising. What are your opinions about its future price?

兰蒂斯(答): It's price is not rising now. As I write this it has fallen nearly 10% in the past day. I think Bitcoin has revealed its "natural" market position at around $7-8000 and will fluctuate around there. Long term Bitcoin's rise or fall will correspond to its utility in the market. BTC and ETH are currently the closest we have to "universal cryptocurrencies" and so enjoy some level of stability. I do not think there will be any wild speculative runs for these coins.




英文翻译:There are more than 2000 cryptocurrencies in the market now and countless ICOs. Please share your experience about how to identity a project.

兰蒂斯(答):There are others better to answer this question, but because I study and talk with Blockchain companies every day, I can say that investors should really understand the companies, their solutions, product-market fit and leadership the same way a fiat investor looks at early stage startups.




英文翻译:What kind of company does Blockchain Developers Inc belong to? What are your opinions about current situation of the talent in blockchain industry?

兰蒂斯(答):We are exclusively focused on recruitment for the Blockchain industry. That is all we do. Every Day. As for talent, first it is useful to remember that the term "Blockchain Developer" is kind of nonsense. A Blockchain developer is a general software developer who has experience in some area of building Blockchains. That's all. Howeverthere are more than 18 million software developers on Earth and probably less than 50,000 with even one year experience in this field. And if you want to find a truly expert Blockchain developerwho has been working for years with Cryptography, Consensus Algorithms, Peer to Peer Networking, Smart Contracts, etc., now that number is down to just a few thousand.

That being the case, finding junior or mid-level developers with a year or two of smart contract programming under their belt, not that hard. The market is racing to catch up and there are a lot of training programs out there. Within 18 more months, this kind of developer will be commonplace. But for those genuine experts who know one or more Blockchain platforms inside and out, and who can build reliable, scalable, efficient, Byzantine Fault Tolerant solutions on the Blockchain....that's hard. It's going to take a few years before you will be able to put up a job advert on Zhaopin and get those kinds of CVs. That's why headhunters like us exist.

中文翻译:Blockchain Developers Inc 是一家专注于在区块链行业负责为企业招聘区块链人才的公司。对于人才,首先就是要记住区块链开发者不是无稽之谈。区块链开发者是一个在某些领域有区块链搭建经验的软件开发人员,就是这样。但是世界上有1800万的软件开发人员,只有一小部分,可能大约只有50000人在区块链行业拥有一年的从业经验,如果你要找一个真正的区块链专家级别的开发人员,还有密码学、共识算法、P2P网络、智能合约之类的经验的工作经历的话,估计数量会下降到几千人。在这种情况下,找一个一两年的智能合约的初级或者英级开发人员并不是很难。整个市场正迎头赶上,市面上也有很多的培训项目,再过18个月,这种区块链开发者就会烂大街了。但是对于一个真正的专家,完完全全的了解区块链,能建立一个可靠的、高效的、可拓展的拜占庭容错的区块链解决方案的,那就很难了。你得话好几年的时间才能在智联招聘上发布这样的招聘信息或许才会有几份那样的简历。这也就是为什么猎头之所以存在的原因吧。



英文翻译:What kinds of qualifications do you think are required for the talent who want to be engaged in blockchain industry, according to your work experience in Blockchain Developers Inc.

兰蒂斯(答):Most of our clients are looking for developers to work on the Ethereum platform for now. The typical entry point to fill that demand is with Solidity programming. After that the demand is highest for Hyperledger Fabric and then R3 Corda. The biggest problem for Blockchain companies is finding developers who have launched live projects. But more and more they are realizing that it is better to have an experienced general developer with a little Blockchain experience than to search for Unicorns that are too hard to find and recruit.

中文翻译:大多数的客户现在都是要找有以太坊平台从业经历的开发人员。典型的切入口就是先满足对Solidity编程人员的需求,在那之后就是要满足Hyperledger Fabric和R3的Corda平台相关人员的需求。目前对于区块链公司最大的问题就是如何找到那些开发过项目的开发人员。但是越来越多的人已经意识到了找一个有一点区块链经验的老练开发人员要比找一个什么都懂的区块链大神要简单得多。



英文翻译:What are the well-known blockchain applications in the market now?

兰蒂斯(答):Not sure if you mean Dapps or platforms.




英文翻译:Does the future development of blockchain application lie in Internet field? Are there any fields that blockchain can apply?

兰蒂斯(答):Blockchain is applicable to many fields.




英文翻译:There are some HR related Blockchain DApps being developed, but we're busy filling developer roles directly, so Im not sure about them. There are some HR related Blockchain DApps being developed, like APPII in the UK and Curriculum Vitae in Asia but I have no idea about the future development and value of them

兰蒂斯(答):What problems remain unsolved now in the development of the application of HR?You mentioned that blockchain talent is very important. Is there any Dapps in HR field?

中文翻译:目前有一些去英心化的人力资源的APP在开发,我们现在正在为相关企业物色相关人才,具体的问题我也不确定。我所了解的信息是全球有2家正在做这个事情,欧洲的APPII Limited(APPII)和亚洲的Curriculum Vitae(CVH),但我不评论他们未来的发展和价值。



英文翻译:We know China banned ICO on September 4th, 2017 and we also know Malta, a country which is friendlier to crypto-technology. What caused the differences?

兰蒂斯(答): Wow, a Lao Wai explaining to Chinese about domestic politics! It's like a monkey teaching Elon Musk how to drive a car. China is a centralized economy and famously protective of stability as well as information flow. Blockchain introduces many unknowns that the government is not comfortable with yet. China is also famously slow to develop and implement regulation on new technology, but it always gets there in the end. On the other hand, Malta is a small, relatively poor nation with GDP that is less than 5% of Tencent's annual revenue. It has everything to gain by being seen as friendly ground for crypto.




英文翻译:Do you think if HR should be decentralized? Is that possible?

兰蒂斯(答):I think that if there is value to be gained from it, any industry can be decentralized, and I think there is value to this in HR, yes.




英文翻译:Have you invested bitcoin? Why?

兰蒂斯(答):I have, but was late to the party. I have known about Bitcoin for years, but refused to invest early because I saw how much of the trading volume came from China and saw that the Chinese government was unfriendly to it. I'm holding though, and happy to have BTC in my portfolio.




英文翻译:Investing cryptocurrencies or blockchain, which is more popular in the USA?

兰蒂斯(答):The general public understands the concept of Cryptocurrencies specifically better than it understands the concept of Blockchain generally.

中文翻译: 美国的大众对与数字加密货币的理解还是比对区块链的理解要深刻的



英文翻译:Will EOS rise recently?

兰蒂斯(答):no idea.




英文翻译:Do you think whether decentralization will be obstacle for human beings?

兰蒂斯(答):no, and yes. Not a problem in terms of creating the solutions. But for mass scale, the idea of true centralization will take some time for people to get comfortable with. it may never happen completely.




英文翻译:What do you think of the conflict between centralization and decentralization? Are there solutions to solve the problem?

兰蒂斯(答): Good question! Where there is money to be made, there will be companies and governments that want to be the gatekeepers.The government needs to come up with regulations forthe stablity of market






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